घर पर बॉडी कैसे बनाये: बॉडी बनाने के 7 आसान तरीके

Body banani hai?
  • Body banane ke liye kya kya Khana padta hai?
  • Kya nahi khana hai?
  • Kitne ghante daily sona hai?
  • Kya kya exercise karna hai?
घर पर बॉडी कैसे बनाये: बॉडी बनाने के 7 आसान तरीके

Kaun dega itne saare sawalo ke jawaab.

Fikar mat kijiye, main iss article main aapko bataunga inn saare sawalo ke jawab aur kuch bonus sawalon ke jawab.

Body banane ke liye 3 jaroori factors hote hain
  1.  Khana (diet)
  2.  Kashrat (Exercise)
  3.  Sona (sleep)
Niche main bataunga, aapko body banane ke liye kya-kya khana hai, kaunsi exercises karni hai aur daily kitne ghante sona hai.

Body Banane Ke Liye Kya Karna Chahiye

A) Foods (Body Banane Ke Liye Kya Khaye?)

1. Breakfast: 1 Apple, 2 Banana, 1 Glass of Milk, 2-4 Boiled Eggs, 4-5 Roti, Any Sabji
You don't have to eat all those foods together. Just make sure to have a heavy breakfast. Avoid eating street foods and oily homemade foods.

2. Lunch: Chawal+ Roti(A lot), Chicken, Eggs (2-4), With Sabji, Curd, Paneer

Lunch should be always lighter than breakfast that's why you have to be careful while eating your lunch. Consume rice as much as possible and make sure there is a little amount of oil in your food

3. Snacks: Dry fruits like Cashew, Almonds and Any fruits like apple, oranges, grapes

You can eat dry fruits, apples, almonds or any other healthy food if you feel hungry even after your heavy diet.

4. Lunch: Boiled/Fried Chicken breast, 4-6 Rotis with any curry, Glass of milk (Avoid rice), Paneer, Curd

Lunch will be the final meal of your day so to make sure your body gets enough nutrients to keep you good for 8 hours you have to eat as much as you want. Eat lighter foods if possible so that the foods get easily digested. Drink a glass of milk before you sleep!

(note: This is an ideal diet plan for 18-21-year-olds if you think your body needs more nutrients you can increase the food amounts.)

B) Body Banane Ke Liye Kya Nahi Khana Chahiye? (Avoid these foods)

1. Alcohol and Smoking
2. Coffee, Soda, Cold Drinks (Sprite, Coca-cola, Thumbs up, etc.)
3. Deep-Fried Foods (french fries, pakora, samosa, etc.)
4. High-Fat Meat (Avoid eating mutton)
5. Fast foods (Manchurian, Chowmein, Momos)

You can limit these foods in the beginning and you have to finally quit eating all these unhealthy foods to see a better result.

Did you know: Virat Kohi (Indian cricketer) have not eaten butter chicken (his favorite) food in 3 years.

C) Daily Kitna Pani Pina Chahiye?

Body banane ke liye hamesha hydrated rehna jaruri hai isilye din main kam se kam 4-5 litre(10-12 Glass) paani pina chahiye.

Subah uthne ke turant baad ek glass paani pijiye aur uske baad excerise mein thakaan ke waqt paani pijiye. Jitna jyada paani aap pi sakte hain, utna pijiye. 

D) Ghar Mein Karne Wale Exercises

(Source: Pinterest)

Khana aur paani ke baad, sabse important cheez jo ki bodybuilding ki main factor hai woh hai "Exercise". Bina exercise ke aap jitna bhi diet control karlo kabhi bhi aapki hero jaisi body nahi banegi.

Bina gym equipments ke body banane ke liye aapko ye sab exercises karne honge.

Exercises For Chest: 

  • Regular Push-ups (both hands and feet at the floor)
  • Incline Push-ups (hands-on any table/bed and feet at the floor)
  • Decline Push-ups (hands-on incline/bed and feet at the floor)
  • Clap Push-ups (clapping after one push-up)

(note: These exercises are also helpful for biceps/triceps)

Exercises For Biceps & Triceps:

  • Straight hands plank (Stay still in a normal push up position until it hurts)
  • Side  plank ( in a normal push up position raise one hand at a time and bend your waist)
  • Plank up-down (in plank position, move your hips up/down until it hurts)
  • Lift something heavy

Here is a cool trick I usually do, "Get an empty LPG cylinder and lift it with a strong stick

(Note: The cylinder must be empty and the stick/rod you are going to use must be strong enough to lift the weight easily and don't break, Try at your own risk)

Exercises For Abs

Image result for home exercises for abs
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  • Knee crunches: Start with 5-10 crunches (don't need to act professionally)
  • Cross crunches: Start with 10 crunches
  • Leg raises: Start with 5-10 raises 
  • Cycling crunches: Start with 10 crunches
  • Heel touches: Start with 12-15 touches (lie on a smooth floor, else your back will hurt)
  • Flutter kicks: Start with 10 kicks
  • 60 Second elbow plank: For beginning try this for 30-40 seconds

Exercises For Lower body

Image result for exercises for legs pinterest
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  • Squats: Start with 20 Squats set
  • Lunges: Start with 10 lunges
  • Calf-raises: Start with 10-20 raises
  • Side leg raise: Start with 10-15 raises
  • Side lunges: Start with 10 lunges
  • Wall sit: Start with 5-10 (It's a bit painful)

Frequently Asked Questions (BONUS Tips)

Q.1) What are some apps to learn bodybuilding?

Appstore aur play store main hajaaro ke taadat mein bodybuilding apps moujud hain lekin, unme se"Home Workout - No Equipment" sabse jyada helpful saabit hota hai.

  • App size: 12 MB
  • Rating: 4.8/5
  • Editor's Choice app

If you are suffering from obesity(मोटापा ) and have a lot of body fats, it is better to start running at least 4 days every week. And if you are a skinny guy and want to gain weight it is not necessary for you to run.

If you are a beginner then it will be too hard for you to even exercise for 10 minutes straight. It's always good to exercise until you feel exhausted. 

10-20 minutes workout/day: For the first 10 days
20-30 minutes workout/day: For next 10-20 days
30- 60 minutes workout/day: every day (for the rest of your life)

Nahi. Aap kuch basic exercises se bhi 1-2 mahino mein body bana sakte hain, iske liye gym janaa jaruri nahi hai. Lekin, agar aap professional bodybuilding mein interest rakhte hain toh, aapko gym se hi faeda milega.

Q.6) Body banane ke liye din mein kitni baar khana chahiye?

Body banane ke liye aapko ek din mein kamse kam 4-6 meal khana chahiye jisse aapki body ko jaruri nutrients aur energy milegi. 

Q.7) Kya Body banane ke liye supplement lena chahiye?

Nahi. Bilkul nahi. Body banane ke liye aapko khud se mehnat karni padegi, kuch log iss mehnat ko skip karne ke chakkar mein unhealthy suppliments lete hain aur bimaar padte hain. Koi bhi suppliments lene se pehle aapke doctor ko ek baar consult kar lena chaahiye.

According to scientific researchs it is found that, "Sex/masturbation is not related to bodybuilding and workout". Only thing masturbation does to you is it drains your energy. That's why, you should avoid masturbating/having sex before workout, for a better result.

Body banne ke liye hamesha time lagta hi hai, kuch logon ka 1 mahine se banne lagta hai aur kuch logo ka saalo mein bhi nahi banta. Isilye aapko daily motivation ke saath workout karna hai. Agar aap apni diet thik rakhe aur exercise thik rakhe toh, aapka body mein 2 mahine mein kuch farark dikhne lagenge.

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